Evening Townie Ride

July 25, 2011

A few shots from a recent Townie ride.


Electra Townie Commuter on holiday by MoreLuckThanJudgement...
Electra Townie Commuter on holiday, a photo by MoreLuckThanJudgement… on Flickr.

Awesome customized Townie. Gotta love the Townie!

Summer sky

June 21, 2011

Summer sky by Area Bridges
Summer sky, a photo by Area Bridges on Flickr.

An awesome shot from our Electra Bike Riders Flickr.com group. Really creative, cool shot. Love it.


January 7, 2011


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Napoleon Red Bike

December 1, 2010

Napoleon Red Bike

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Man, that is a stylish and hip dog. Looks very comfortable too. Awesome ride!

Just noticed that our photo group on Flickr.com has passed 100 members, and 280 pics. Cool!

A few rides

October 4, 2010

Last week I rode the Townie to work once. The next day I opted for a 1977 ten-speed; an old Motobecane Super Mirage. Fun bike, but damn, not as comfortable as the Townie. It was, however, a lot faster.

Sunday was my birthday. My wife and I started the day with a nice bike ride on our local back trails, up to the University of Texas at Dallas. We rode around a bit, checking out the recent efforts at campus beautification. If you want to take in the sites around you, there is really no better bike than the Townie. Occasionally when I’m riding it to work I consider replacing the fat tires with some 1.5″ diamater commuter tires, which would probably make the bike a lot faster. But then when we’re out on these rides, and the fatties just float over everthing, over grass, over mud, whatever, I’m always glad I’ve not done the switch.

Later that evening I put the panniers on the Townie and rode up to the nearby Sprouts grocery store to buy some fruit for the week.

I’m sure this is all very exciting to my readers! haha.

Just wanted to write about riding the Townie.